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We demand/We expect

We the law abiding, native residents of Kyrenia, forced by the Turkish troops which invaded Cyprus in 1974 to abandon our ancestral land and become refugees

    The right to return to our homes and properties and live in them, both us and our children, under conditions of freedom and security
    That human rights and the European acquis communautaire are implemented in our case as well, since we are equal citizens of the European Union
    From the United Nations to assist in finding a solution compatible with the principles on which this international organization is based and which it is called upon to defend according to its Charter and not to submit to us for signature plans that violate every human right and every principle of justice/law.
    From all sensible individuals to do their utmost in order to stop the injustice against us.

Lefkosia (Nicosia) July 24th, 2007

Today, 37 years after the 1974 invasion, 40.000 Turkish troops are still on our land, 36.2% of the territory of the island is under occupation, 162.000 (one third of the population) are still refugees in their own country, thousands of people were killed and there are still 1452 missing persons, among them children as young as 3 months and 5 year old.

Despite all efforts on the part of the Republic of Cyprus for a just solution, the Cyprus problem remains unsolved because of the intransigence of Turkey and her insistence on the fait accompli created by the invasion.

The Turkish Cypriot leader of the pseudo-state, still under the control of Ankara, remains unwilling and adamant to engage in talks despite his commitment to the Paris agreement of the 8th of July, using as a pretext the so-called isolation of the Turkish Cypriots.

Turkey and the occupation regime do not wish to discuss on a serious basis the solution of the Cyprus problem and they are using the issue of the lifting of the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots as an excuse. Their aim is the gradual political upgrading and eventual recognition of the pseudo-state. The alleged isolation is a myth and a tool for propaganda on the part of Turkey in order to avoid the solution to the Cyprus problem. The only kind of isolation the Turkish Cypriots have been subjected to is the one which was imposed on them by the continuing occupation by the Turkish forces. The Republic of Cyprus has been offering generously all kinds of benefits to our Turkish Cypriot compatriots, in all aspects of social life, including passports, free medical care, education in English speaking schools, social security benefits and pensions.

We, the people of Kyrenia, refugees in our own country, once again call upon the leader of the Turkish Cypriots to abandon his intransigence and to participate in substantial negotiations for the finding of a just solution to the Cyprus problem for the benefit of both communities. We also believe that the international organisation of the United Nations must exert pressure Turkey to abandon her partitionist plans against Cyprus and to work towards finding a just, viable and functional solution of the problem. A solution based on international law, and the European acquis communautaire, which will be able to work effectively within the European Union where Cyprus is now a member-state.

We are seeking a solution which will secure:

  • The independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus
  • The withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers from Turkey
  • No intervening rights to Turkey or any other country
  • The return of all refugees to their homes and properties
  • The establishment of the fate of the missing persons
  • The securing of all human rights for all Cypriots including Kyrenians

On behalf of the Municipality of Kyrenia

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